The Midas Files

A SciFi Technothriller Series By Matt De Reno.

Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One Front Cover

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  • Title:

    The Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One
  • Publisher:

    Scratch Writing Press
  • Author:

    Matt De Reno
  • Publication Date:

    October 16, 2020
  • Edition:

    First Edition
  • Genre:

    Thriller, Technothriller, Sci-Fi
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    The Midas Files

The Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One


Welcome To The World of The Midas Files: A Technothriller by Matt De Reno

In the intricate web of science, corporate power struggles, and otherworldly intrigue that is the "Midas Protocol," Matt De Reno weaves a compelling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Set against the high-stakes backdrop of the mysterious Gold Box, a quantum device with the power to shift humanity's place in the cosmos, the story is as much a thrilling adventure as it is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition.

Hank Raglan, the unsuspecting young protagonist, finds himself plunged into a world of corporate rivalries, hidden truths, and powerful technologies.
His rapid rise in Unalco, under the mentorship of the enigmatic CEO Tony Laporte, not only establishes him as a crucial player in the unfolding drama but also makes him a target in the eyes of those who seek the Gold Box's power for themselves. De Reno skillfully contrasts Hank's professional success and blooming romance with Addison Moore against the sinister backdrop of corporate politics and secret machinations, illustrating the classic axiom that every silver lining has its cloud.

The introduction of Caroline Friday, a fearless college student and childhood friend of Hank, adds another layer of complexity to the story. Her investigative journey - fraught with danger, conspiracy, and unexpected twists - is a testament to De Reno's knack for crafting multi-dimensional characters. Caroline's determination to uncover the truth behind Dr. Bingham's murder and save her friend Hank forms a parallel narrative that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Perhaps one of the book's strongest assets is its ability to blend diverse elements - from quantum mechanics to Mafia ties, from corporate power plays to UFOs - into a cohesive and enthralling tale. The nuanced portrayal of characters, each with their motives, fears, and ambitions, adds depth to the narrative, making it not just a fast-paced thriller but also a study of human nature.

In conclusion, "Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One" is a roller-coaster ride through a world where cutting-edge science meets age-old human greed and ambition. Matt De Reno's expert storytelling, combined with intricate plotting and well-fleshed-out characters, makes this a must-read for fans of techno-thrillers and conspiracy-laden mysteries.

The Good Guys

Meet the "Good" People of The Midas Protocol. (Editor's Note: Excuse the pixel dust... This page section is under development)


All-American young man on the fast to track to success at Unalco. But, is it deserved?

Hank is a gifted materials engineer and soon finds himself ascending the ranks at Unalco, faster than he could have ever dreamed and perhaps faster than what is good for him.


Aspiring investigative reporter. Childhood friend of Hank Raglan.

Caroline Friday is investigating the deaths of the Bingham murders of 1983. She discovers clues that her childhood crush, Hank Raglan could be in grave danger.


Fiancee of Hank. She aspires for great things and a life of great privilege.

Addison Moore is a beautiful young corporate climber at Unalco. She is wooed over by Hank Raglan, the upshot materials engineer, but does Jack Barons, Hank's rival, have a place in her heart to?


Proud CEO, and cofounder of Unalco. Takes Hank under his wing, but privately suffers from worsening dementia.

Tony Laporte is like Hank's father he never had. He takes him under the wing and soon involves him in delivering plans for the Gold Box quantum mechanical machine, which could put both his and Hank's lives in danger.

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