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Meet the core Scratch Writing team.

Matthew J. De Reno
Matthew J. De RenoPresident

Introducing Matthew J. De Reno, president of Scratch Writing. With extensive expertise in copywriting, technical writing and business content development, he brings a unique perspective to every Scratch Writing project.

Matt is the author of the fictional technothriller, The Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One. This book aims aims to be a must-read for thrill-seekers and technology enthusiasts alike. Matt is currently working on the next two books in the trilogy.

Under Matt's guidance, Scratch Writing strives to become a trusted partner in the world of content creation. Matt's goal is to provide exceptional content writing, development, and editing services for its business clients, produce high-quality web magazines that entertain and delight its audiences, and write books that thrill and captivate its readers.

Carly O'Connor
Carly O'ConnorEditorial

At Scratch Writing, Carly O'Connor serves as our exceptional Editorial Assistant. With a keen eye for detail, Carly not only writes, edits, and revises various types of website content, but also ensures that it aligns perfectly with our standards and guidelines.

Leveraging a background as a small business owner, Carly provides invaluable project support for Scratch Writing business clients in areas of project management and business content development.

Carly's contributions don't stop there. She plays a pivotal role in book development and publishing at every stage of the process - from the initial spark of an idea to the final publication. Carly's commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering, making her an indispensable asset to the Scratch Writing team.

About Scratch Writing

Based in Pittsburgh, Pa., Scratch Writing, Inc. is a Pennsylvania subchapter S corporation founded in 2009 by Matt De Reno.

Back in the late 1990s, Scratch Writing had its humble beginnings with a charmingly named blog by Matt De Reno - "The Scratching Beagle." Inspired by the whimsical anthropomorphic artist Arthur Sarnoff, who created the hilarious painting of a beagle scratching on a pool table, Matt embarked on a journey.
In the 2000s, he acquired the domain and launched the community website This opened doors to various projects, building websites for individuals and businesses in Pittsburgh's northern suburbs. But it was a local magistrate who truly set things in motion.
Impressed by Matt's work, he recommended incorporating Scratch Writing. Since then, Scratch Writing has been creating numerous websites, crafting countless blog articles, providing valuable advice to clients, and even publishing its first book in 2020. It's been quite a journey, and the adventure continues!

At Scratch Writing, Inc., our mission is to craft words that spark imagination, drive businesses forward, and resonate with the hearts and minds of readers across the globe.

We are committed to delivering unparalleled content writing services that empower businesses of all sizes, elevating their narratives and enabling their growth. Our team is dedicated to understanding each client's unique voice, ensuring that every word we write not only meets but exceeds the multifaceted needs of their diverse industries.

In the realm of digital media, our web magazines are beacons of creativity and insight. We strive to inform, delight, and entertain a curious and intelligent audience, providing thought-provoking articles, engaging multimedia content, and interactive experiences that keep our readers returning for more.

With the esteemed Scratch Writing Press, we take pride in being the custodians of the riveting Midas Files technothriller series—a testament to our passion for storytelling that captivates and stirs the adventurer within. We are more than just publishers; we are guardians of a narrative legacy that thrills, challenges, and stirs the zeitgeist of our times.

Through our trio of core endeavors, we at Scratch Writing, Inc. remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the power of the written word. As we chart the course of stories yet untold and support the ambitions of our clients, we are building a legacy of literary artistry and professional integrity that stands the test of time.

Envisioning a world where language transcends barriers, Scratch Writing, Inc. aspires to be the vanguard of the written word. Our vision is to become the global nexus for business communication, a hub where the fusion of commerce and creativity not only coexists but flourishes.

We aim to set the standard for excellence in content writing services, becoming the indispensable partner for businesses seeking to articulate their purpose and passion. Through bespoke narratives tailored to each client, we envision fostering a marketplace of ideas where clarity, persuasion, and vision lead to unparalleled success and impact.

In the digital expanse, our web magazines will be the go-to wellsprings of knowledge, culture, and entertainment. We envision a future where our publications are synonymous with quality and innovation—where each issue is an escape into a world of informed delight and where every reader finds a resonance with their individual taste for the extraordinary.

As for Scratch Writing Press, our vision is to see the Midas Files series not just on the shelves of readers who thrive on thrills but also in the hands of those who seek to glimpse the future through the lens of speculative fiction. We aim to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, carving out a space where Scratch Writing Press is revered as a beacon of literary achievement.

Our horizon is one where Scratch Writing, Inc. doesn't just participate in the industry; we lead it, driving change and innovation in the way the world experiences and leverages the power of the written word.