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  • Client:

    Mobile Gnosis, Private Stakeholders
  • Role:

    Developer, Editor-In-Chief, Publisher
  • Location:

    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dates:

    2021 - Ongoing
  • Services:

    AI Generative Content, Community Website Development, Joomla CMS Development
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    Matt De Reno

Mobile Gnosis | Generative AI Content Development

This beta website is a place where Matt is developing and testing AI generative content tools and editorial policies in partnership with various external stakeholders. The goal is to provide a sandbox to experiment with AI tools and AI policies that allow users to create high-quality AI-generated content in a responsible and ethical way.

Mobile Gnosis: Community Website

Mobile Gnosis is a website dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation by providing curated news, forums, self-organizing group tools, and a unique directory designed with the principles of Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA) in mind. Our audience is mobility engineers, sustainability professionals, and those interested in learning more about the move toward sustainable transportation systems.

Matt developed and created the website, which is built on the Jooomla! Open Source CMS platform. Matt is also is the site admin and editior-in-chief.  While it is a real website intended to grow and become profitable, Mobile Gnosis also serves as a content development learning tool for AI Generative content and AI content editorial policies.

This next section describes the website as as a web magazine, which is ultimately designed to inform, delight and educate its intended audience.


  • Curated news: Our team of experts scours the web to bring you the latest and most relevant news on sustainable transportation from around the world.
  • Forums: Our forums provide a space for our community to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.
  • Self-organizing group tools: Our self-organizing group tools make it easy for our community to form groups and collaborate on projects without the need for a central administrator.
  • DNA-powered directory: Our DNA-powered directory allows you to find and connect with other people who share your interests in sustainable transportation.

Three Primary Topic Areas of Focus

  • Alternative Fuels: We cover a wide range of alternative fuels, including electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, and biofuels.
  • EV infrastructure: We cover the latest news and developments in EV infrastructure, such as charging stations, battery swapping stations, and vehicle-to-grid technology.
  • Battery Technology: We cover the latest news and developments in battery technology, such as new battery chemistries, battery recycling, and battery management systems.

While Mobile Gnosis is based in North America, we intend to offer a global perspective on sustainable transportation. We welcome contributions from people all over the world and we share news and stories from all corners of the globe.

Mobile Gnosis: An AI Generative Content Sandbox For Content Developers

Additionally, Mobile Gnosis serves another purpose as learning tool for content writers to develop policies to manage and produce high-quality AI-generated content in an ethical way. This section describes how Matt does that on Mobile Gnosis. 

Developing AI generative Content and ethical AI generative content editorial polices

  • AI Generative Content Tools - As a Beta website, Matt and other content contributors can experiment with different AI generative content tools such as Chat GPT4, Bard, Jasper AI and others, to see what kind of content they can create and how that content performs in terms of SEO and SERP. For example, users can try using a text generator to create a news article or directory description, post that article, then track how it did using various SEO tools.
  • AI Content Editorial Lab - Contributors can provide feedback on Mobile Gnosis's AI generative content tools and editorial policies. This feedback will help Mobile Gnosis as well as other organizations develop and improve their own AI tools and policies without having to use their own life organizational webiste

The Mobile Gnosis beta site is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about AI generative content and ethical AI generative content editorial polices. It is a place where users can experiment, learn, and share their ideas. If you are interested in contributing to the project, you contact us here. 

This is an ongoing collaborative project. As AI editorial policies and content techniques are shaped, Matt will share those insights here on this project page.

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