Matt De Reno

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Quality Management System Documentation Graphic

Project Details

  • Client:

    University of Pittsburgh
  • Role:

    Technical Writer, QMS Documentation Consultant
  • Location:

    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dates:

    Aug. 2023+
  • Services:

    QMS Docs Process Development, SharePoint Docs Design
  • Category:

    Matt De Reno

University of Pittsburgh | Technical Writer and QMS Documentation Consultant

Quality Management System (QMS) Documentation Framework

Scope of Work

At the University of Pittsburgh, Matt serves as a technical writing consultant. Initially, he was tasked with documenting IT process integrations within the Department of Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement. As his role evolved, it became evident that there was a need not only to write integration documentation but also to create a document management system for maintaining and controlling a growing collection of technical documents. Recognizing this need, Matt recommended implementing a Quality Management System framework for documentation. Consequently, Matt proposed the following primary initiatives as significant operational milestones:

  1. Develop and Create Initial Set of PAE Technical Documents (Work Instructions) and associated QSD documents (Quality Manual, Records, Forms, Templates).
  2. Establish SharePoint Documentation Management System (DMS) - Build a scalable QSD Documentation Management System using our internal SharePoint assets as a Document Management Solution (DMS).
  3. Implement a QMS Framework for Management of PAE Technical Documentation - Support the implementation of a scalable documentation framework based on a "specialized adoption" of QMS (Quality Management System) standards, guidelines, and principles.

These objectives are currently targeted for completion in the spring of 2024. 

Duties and Responsibilities

In this role, Matt performs the following duties:

  • Manage Document Control: Oversee the control of all Quality Management System (QMS) documents, including policies, procedures, work instructions, forms, and records.
  • Create and Revise Documents: Collaborate with departments to create, update, and review QMS documents to reflect process changes, standards, and regulations.
  • Ensure Compliance: Ensure QMS documentation complies with quality standards, industry regulations, and legal requirements, staying updated on changes.
  • Distribute Documents: Manage document distribution to ensure accessibility, version control, and removal of obsolete documents.
  • Coordinate Training and Awareness: Coordinate training programs and awareness campaigns to educate employees on the importance and use of QMS documentation.
  • Maintain Records: Manage records related to quality management, such as customer complaints, corrective actions, audits, and inspections.
  • Facilitate Document Retrieval: Establish efficient systems for retrieving QMS documents, especially during audits, inspections, or inquiries.
  • Support Audits and Inspections: Assist in QMS audits and inspections by providing access to relevant documentation and addressing findings.
  • Drive Continuous Improvement: Identify and implement process improvements within the QMS documentation management process.
  • Implement Change Control: Implement a change control process to manage changes to QMS documents effectively.
  • Mitigate Risks: Assess and mitigate risks associated with QMS documentation processes.
  • Foster Communication and Collaboration: Collaborate with various stakeholders to align QMS documentation with business goals.
  • Track Documentation Metrics: Track and report KPIs related to QMS documentation management.
  • Provide Documentation Training: Provide guidance and training on effective QMS documentation management.

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