Matt De Reno

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    Web Content Writer, Contractor
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    Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Dates:

    Jan. 2017 - July 2017
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    Content Writing & Development
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    Matt De Reno

IBM Marketplace I Product Marketing Detail Pages

In February 2017, Matt was hired by IBM to be part of a leading content marketing project that aimed to retell the entire product story on its Marketplace.

Matt's task was to break through silos between content and design across the enterprise, provide professional-level content, facilitate smart cross-selling opportunities, and deliver one product catalog worldwide; all while increasing traffic engagement and income – the determining factor on how this work would be judged.

Matt was one of six team members in the analytics squad who were responsible for writing and developing PDPs (product detail pages). Every week, each member had to create 2-3 new pages pertaining to IBM Analytics' portfolio. Matt would either craft them from scratch or collaborate with knowledgeable experts to compile content assets into a convincing narrative that could be featured on the IBM marketplace and was a leader in this effort.

There are a few rare times when you work with someone who "just gets it," who has the right expertise for the job, and who is able to autonomously handle all the little blockers that pop up and progress a project toward its stated objectives. They do so easily, and with professionalism. They have a great attitude, and are reliable -- moreover, their work achieves results.

—Kevin Morrow, IBM Growth Transformation Leader

What follows is a sample of the product pages Matt produced on this project.