Matt De Reno

Professional Portfolio

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Project Details

  • Employer:

    SAE International
  • Role:

    Web Portal Manager
  • Location:

    Warrendale, Pa.
  • Dates:

    2017 - 2019
  • Services:

    Content Management
  • Category:

    Matt De Reno

SAE International | Web Portal Development

At SAE International, Matt’s job was to manage the development, acquisition, curation, and delivery of content for the SAE MOBILUS web portal, a web resource comprised of domain-specific mobility engineering Knowledge Hubs.

A chief component of this role was to generate and manage continually evolving narratives that told user stories in key Knowledge Hub domain areas including aerospace, commercial vehicle, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and accident reconstruction. This role involved cultivating deep familiarity with mobility standards, industry events, professional development, journalism, and membership. 

Matt attended SAE-sponsored events; Developed internal and external customer relationships to understand web portal user needs better; Worked with knowledge domain product managers; Developed and recommended strategies to SAE’s executive management team to continually grow the value of the SAE Mobilus web portal for internal and external audiences.

SAE Mobilus Knowledge Hubs

Matt’s signature project was the redevelopment of the SAE Knowledge Hubs. He was hired to take an initial content concept and develop it to its fullest potential.

The SAE Mobilus Knowledge Hubs were intended to be a one-stop-shop information resource of the latest curated news, training, events, and technical publications focused on fast-moving mobility engineering topics such as cybersecurity, automated and connected vehicles, advanced manufacturing, and powertrain electrification.

Matt’s redesign included working with the SAE UX Manager to conceptualize user stories based on first-hand feedback obtained from interviewing customers.

Impact On SAE Mobilus Knowledge Hubs

After their redesign, the SAE Mobilus Knowledge Hubs experienced a surge of organic search traffic resulting in ranking No. 1 in SERP for “Automated and Connected News” in January 2019.

Additional Docs

Peruse additional documents related to the development of the Knowledge Hubs below. The first images in the series are mock-ups created by Matt and the SAE UX manager of the Knowledge Hubs.

The persona diagram in the series below attempted to capture the user experience as it relates to the two primary personas identified during the research phase of the SAE Knowledge Hubs project, Eddie "The Engineer" and Debbie "The Director".

The impact was practically immediate; a little more than a month after launching, the SAE Automated Connected Vehicle Hub ranked No. 1 for "automated and connected news" for Google organic SERP.