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The Midas Protocol | Book

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    Scratch Writing Press
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    Indie Publishing, Kindle Publishing
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    Matt De Reno

The Midas Protocol | Book

Matt published the Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One through Scratch Writing Press, an imprint of Scratch Writing, Inc in 2020. 
Not only did he have the task of writing the book, but Matt had to put on a publisher's hat and either produce or coordinate the production of the book design, copyediting, final proofing, and ultimately publishing and promotion.

Keeping track of a multipart complex plot can be tricky. Below is a diagram of the main plot line in The Midas Protocol. Matt created this diagram much in the same way he considers a user's experience in the world of IT. He started with the main personas (characters) and traced their journey through the timeline.

Midas Protocol Timeline

Thumbnail image of Midas Protocol Timeline.
The attached slide deck is from a presentation on indie publishing that Matt put together for a library-based writer's group in Monroeville, Pa, a community a short drive from Pittsburgh.
What follows are images of promos, Amazon ranking screenshots, and some images of diagrams and graphics Matt created about the Midas Protocol story.